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    Interested in offering quality daycare from your home?


    bulletlist Children are continuously registering with Mini-Minders so
    spacerthat you do not have to advertise.
    bulletlist Mini-Minders absorbs all advertising costs.
    bulletlist Consistent paycheck.
    bulletlist Full support from E.C.E. on staff.
    bulletlist Backup daycare if you are on holiday or are sick.
    bulletlist Workshops available to enhance your qualifications.
    bulletlist All statutory holidays paid.
    bulletlist Programs available to assist you in the daycare of
    spacer children.

    Requirements in becoming a Provider

    bulletlistCriminal reference checks conducted on you and family spacermembers.
    bulletlistMedical test conducted on you and family members.
    bulletlistFirst aid/CPR training mandatory.
    bulletlistTraining workshop available.
    bulletlistApplication form filled out with detailed information.
    bulletlistReference checks.

    Give us a call at 905-841-6755

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