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    Are you looking for quality daycare?

    A registration form must be filled out. This will entitle you to an interview with one or more Providers. Upon receipt of your registration form, your registration will be processed according to the date daycare is required and space availability. A registration fee of $50.00 will be applicable after interviewing our Provider.

    Placement of your child is dependent upon both the Parent and Provider, as they must be in agreement in order to continue the processing of your registration form. If both parties cannot come to an agreement, you may wish to interview a second Provider.

    Provider Referral
    Mini-Minders will refer Providers who will best suit your daycare needs. As a parent, you are under no obligation to make a commitment with any of the Providers within this agency. It is recommended that both parents and the child(ren) are present during the interview. The parent will call the Provider directly and set up an interview. Mini-Minders will call you and the Provider after the interview to discuss whether the Provider will meet your daycare needs.

    Take a look at our Parent Questionnaire Guide.

    Ongoing Support
    Mini-Minders Inc. provides ongoing support to our Providers by conducting regular visits by a qualified E.C.E. Home Visitor. Our Home Visitor will conduct a Safety Check of the Providers home to ensure it is a safe environment for your child. Program plans will be discussed to ensure that your child will receive an educational experience and all programs are age appropriate. The health of your child will be monitored and discussed with you by our Home Visitor.

    Early Stages
    Before your daycare commences with our Provider, you will be handed our Child Developmental Handbook which will guide you through the Early Stages of your child from the age of 12 months to 4 years!

    A Safety Inspection is conducted by Mini-Minders to ensure that your child is playing in a safe environment. Regular fire drills are conducted with the Providers.

    Health and Nutrition
    The health of your child will be discussed after reserving space in our Provider’s home. A menu plan is posted and available at the Provider’s home. Providers are kept up to date about communicable diseases.

    Behaviour Management
    If a Provider requires our assistance in redirecting misbehaviour of a child, Mini-Minders provides extended support and knowledge by offering workshops and continuous home visits.

    Mini-Minders offers ongoing workshops for Providers and Parents pertaining to First Aid/C.P.R. training, Health and Nutrition, Programming and Behavioural Management.
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