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    Are you looking for quality daycare?

    Mini Minders Inc. is a licensed, private home daycare agency through the Ministry of Education.

    Mini Minders Inc. recruits, advises, and supports Providers and RECE staff.

    Since 1990, Mini Minders Inc. has dedicated its service to quality home daycare in a safe, educational home environment. We believe that home daycare is the most beneficial form of child care available.

    Program Statement

    All children are competent, curious, and rich in the potential to learn and play in a home daycare environment.

    Our goal is to foster the children’s exploration in a healthy and safe home, while promoting nutrition in accordance to the Canada Health Food Guide.

    We promote positive and responsive interactions among the children, parents, child care providers and staff.

    We support and create a positive learning environment to ensure children have a sense of belonging, a sense of well-being so that they can freely express and engage in healthy indoor and outdoor activities.

    Mini Minders Inc. involves local community partners such as Early Intervention teams, who will support the children, our RECE staff and parents.

    We offer professional workshops in order to engage both parents, providers and staff members.

    Mini Minders Inc. works collaboratively with the Child Care Early Years Act (CCEYA), recognized by the Ministry of Education.

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    Monthly News

    Happy Easter

    Spring is here, at least according to the calendar and from Mini-Minders staff, we hope everyone has had a wonderful Easter.







    Mini Minders 20th Anniversary